Launching a Membership

Oct 24, 2022

How it works

Hey Koop crew! 

  1. Upload your art 

  2. Set the price

  3. Set the mint limit per viewer 

  4. Add custom benefits

  5. Set the supply 

  6. GO LIVE!!!

Adding Tiers

To get started—click “New Pass”next to your Channel Name.” 

By adding a membership to your stream, your community will get access to extra benefits for joining the channel.  The “New Pass” button allows you to add multiple passes for the audience. 

Live Purchasing Experience

Viewers can purchase your membership during live streams. The best way to connect with your audience is through authenticity and storytelling. Going on live and providing  a space for the community to get to know one another is the best way to convert on sales and engagement. 

We also have special badges for audience members who purchased during the live stream. 

Getting started

Launching a new pass is a simple way to connect with your audience and reward viewers longitudinal support. Passes can be free to claim, transferred from you as the creator, or purchased from chat depending on the tier you launch. As a creator you keep 95% of your membership pass sales with 5% going to help support Koop services! You own the contract. Your audience will always be yours. We're incredibly excited to build tools that accelerate your growth, and can't wait to see the incredible communities of streamers on Koop collecting and investing in each other.

Ready to start?