Oct 24, 2022

👍🏾 Quests

The What

We launched Quests!

It is as simple as:

  • Set a timer

  • Set question

  • Watch audience feedback roll in live

You can also:

  • Queue quests 

  • Automated quests based on community type

The Why

Quests allows you to engage live with audience feedback. Ask a question to chat, collect responses, and dynamically respond to recommendations from your community. You can see submissions live in your stream dashboard. 

  • Allow the community to have their voice feel heard. Some examples include: asking chat for suggestions on where to host your next concert, which video to watch next, or what they would respond to a spicy text.

  • Reduce spam in the chat while trying to gauge audience sentiment.

  • Run live competitions for prizes.

  • Get to know the chat better. Koop helps you connect profiles to audience engagement, including responses to quests.

And as of today, you can now add QUESTS directly into the chat with just a few clicks

🪄 Announcements

Tired : requiring the community to check the Discord

Wired : announcing on live with just a single click.

Send an announcement on screen directly from the chat. Banner announcements catch the audience's attention during your event.

🖥 New dashboard

If you've logged in anytime in the past week then this isn't necessarily news to you, but we recently launched a new and improved dashboard.

You can now see a log of members, quest submissions, as well as past and future event history. Expect more enhancements here over the next several weeks as well 😋

Ready to start?